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Amanda Hunter

Amanda dealt with fractured vertebrae, back pain and joint pain for much of her life, stemming from a gymnastics injury in her early teens to a car accident, Lyme disease, and her occupation as a dance instructor. She had seen various doctors and chiropractors for years. The innovative treatments at Joint & Spine including High Intensity Laser Therapy and spinal decompression, coupled with caring attention from Dr. Curt Draeger, Dr. Lindsy Jaworski, and staff exceeded her expectations. She is now able to enjoy life in less pain.

Joan Novak

Joan had been suffering from chronic pain for years. Osteoporosis, a deteriorating spine, and two back surgeries for ruptured discs left her in constant pain from sciatica. An intensive treatment plan, including high intensity laser therapy, and doctors that went “over and above” for her, greatly alleviated her pain and enabled her to enjoy her grandkids and her life.

Megan Madeson

Megan suffered from a rare hip condition. Her ligament was too short causing her hip to dislocate, which caused a lot of pain and kept this active college athlete from playing at her best. It eventually caused her to become pigeon-toed and affected her everyday life. Doctors wanted to operate, but the thought of going under the knife and 6 months of rehab left her and her family in search of other options. After months of therapy from Dr. Curt Draeger and Dr. Lindsy Jaworski, Megan is enjoying life as a healthy, active college student. She is happy to be able to wear heels again and reports that she's one of the best runners on the rugby team at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls and can play club hockey pain free

Rodney Vandenlangenberg

Rodney's years as a farrier (he shoes and cares for horses hooves), caused him a tremendous amount of back and hip pain. So much so, that he considered finding a new occupation. He had seen a different chiropractor, but was not getting results. After his first adjustment at Joint & Spine in Antigo, he instantly felt better; and after continued care, he reports that it's "made a world of difference in his life".

Chiropractic care has also had a noteable impact on Rodney's young son, whose hip and leg issues prevented him from crawling as an infant. Pediatric chiropractic care helped the child to regain normal function. He is now able to play and keep up with the other kids with no signs of any issues.

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