DOT Exams Antigo WI

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DOT Exams Antigo Wisconsin

What Happens During a DOT Physical Exam?

The DOT physical will include a health review of the driver by a certified medical examiner (CME). The CME will also check the driver’s vital signs and perform a thorough examination, evaluating a number of health-related categories, such as:

+ General appearance
+ Extremities
+ Lungs and chest
+ Heart
+ Eyes and ears
+ Mouth and throat
+ Nervous System
+ Back and Spine

Upon Exam Completion:

Upon exam completion, the CME will report the results to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). Certified drivers will receive a copy of the medical examiner’s certificate (MEC), or DOT medical card.

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In addition to these traditional chiropractic services, we offer many other services including: Chiropractic CareHigh Intensity Laser Therapy, spinal decompression, Neuropathy ReBuilder™ Therapy, dry hydrotherapy, Sports Injuriesand we provide workplace services to surrounding businesses.

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